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Calcube is the quickest calendar around. All you need to enter is the name and time of your event. Other details are already pre-set at the first startup of the app. That’s what makes CalCube much faster than your default calendar.

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Quick, Slick & Easy Calendar

The intuitive navigation and gestural interface ensures you master CalCube in no time. Calcube's week overview is much better than your default calendar. Of course, CalCube syncs with iCloud, Google Agenda, iCal and all other conventional calendars.

Sync, swipe and search

There lots of little features to help you organize quicker. Sync all conventional calendars in CalCube. Swipe for fast navigation in the app. And search all your events at the bottom of the cube.

Award winning design

CalCube's minimalistic interface was developed inhouse. The clean look and intuitive style – first used in Weathercube - wowed experts around the globe.

Weather by Weathercube

CalCube shows concise info of your local weather. Need more details? Just tap the weather-icon for a direct link to Weathercube. Download the app free for a limited time.

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Date badge

The icon on your homescreen shows the day of the month, without opening the app.

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